Future Projects

30 Years On [Working Title]

Daniel Gilbert‘s book, Stumbling on Happiness, is eye opening, to say the least. You think you know what’s going to bring fulfillment? Ha, think again! With lots of humour and even more research, he summarizes the key element to determining whether a thing will lead to happiness: ask someone who’s already done that thing.

Let’s take this notion for a spin. Using the UBC BFA class of 1990, we’re going to explore the subject of theatre training as a worthwhile pursuit. It’s not necessarily about “success” in that field, but about the value such an experience had on a bunch of really talented and beautiful people (smiley face) — all to help the young ones out there desperate to tread the boards without a Plan B.

Jerker, or the Helping Hand

This one is exciting, and ambitious. Even a little scary. Will we pull it off? Of course!

Robert Chesley’s early-AIDS play is a two hander that follows the relationship between two anonymous men, connected only by phone. The sub-subtitle is “A Pornographic Elegy with Redeeming Social Value and a Hymn to the Queer Men of San Francisco in Twenty Telephone Calls, Many of Them Dirty.” That should give you a sense and a flavour.

The production will be boutique — max 30 attendees per show — and interactive, to a degree (no, no touching the actors). Slated for summer 2021.