Past Projects

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Pacific Spirit School

May 2016

The self-penned brief: adapt Shakespeare’s Dream for the independent K-7 school, in which students in all grades will participate, but not all will perform. Immediate decisions: employ a traverse-stage configuration and devise ample art projects to engage everyone. The production, at heart, was about listening to the students and developing a show that they could be proud of. The school principal loved the idea. It was ambitious, for sure, and the entire school community — students, staff, and parents — pulled together through it all. Working with a script adapted with the help of Mary Hartman (Director of Education at Bard on the Beach), we collaborated on making this Dream “the best show ever at PSS” (as one parent claimed).

Coming Up for Air

BC Buds Festival at the Firehall

May 2016

In spring 2016, long-time friend Lisa Peers was looking to collaborate on a new piece of performance for the BC Buds Festival at Vancouver’s Firehall Arts Centre. Lisa had found inspiration in text by Oriah House and music by Jónsi, and sought cohesion to themes of destruction — environmental and emotional — and resilience.

The BC Buds Festival encourages creative use of space. Ours was a hallway with stairs. Our interest was in elevating the experience above a simple monologue. We shot footage to be projected on a bare-bones screen, and Jim Peers provided live musical atmosphere.




[The Lady] M—

Bard Lab

September 2016

We successfully pitched an idea to Bard Lab at Bard on the Beach. The project was to explore how much the written word could be replaced with sound and movement; and to experiment with how firmly Lady Macbeth can be placed at the centre of the drama. [The Lady] M— united three artists already familiar to Bard: Tara Cheyenne for choreography, Joelysa Pankanea for original music (with Mark Haney on bass), and Guy Fauchon for direction. The Bard Lab provided us with the opportunity to foster a working relationship that encouraged theatrical intertextuality. We were not just creating a new work, we were discovering a methodology: a thorough collaboration. We did preliminary text and exploration work prior to bringing in the performers (Alen Dominguez, Shauna Griffin, Alexandra Lainfiesta, Marcy Mills, and Jacq Smith).

Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol

Jericho Arts Centre

December 2016

Word arrived halfway through 2016 via the grapevine or perhaps a little bird that David C. Jones had access to the Jericho Arts Centre. I had been wanting to produce Marley for a while and had been looking for the right blend of circumstances. Yes, we put it together on a shoestring budget. Yes, it was a bit fast and furious (minus the cars and Vin Diesel). Yes, the production yielded many a good offstage story. And yes, it was a delightful Christmas offering that was well received and garnered Linden Banks a Jessie nomination for Best Actor (Small Theatre) for his portrayal of Marley.

It also starred Beth Gunderson, David C. Jones, and Adam Proulx. Director: Guy Fauchon; stage manager: Susan Currie; lighting designer: Chengyan Boon; costume designer: Amy Montgomery; poster image: Jon Affolter.